Welcome to Reconnect Apparel.


We design and produce our own line of casual wear. But we're different. 

We are affiliated with RECONNECT BROOKLYN, a non profit organization fighting to help carve a path to success for young men in New York City. One of the pathways to employment and education goes through our graphic shop, Reconnect Graphics. 

The entire process of our production, beginning with the design and ending with a finished product, is accomplished by the young men who have chosen to take the path of self betterment. This is their job, this is their vision. Together we are working for a better community, and we are starting from the inside, out. When you purchase one of our garments, you are helping to feed this hopeful machine. When you wear one of our garments, you are making a statement of support for the mission we are embarking upon. 

Want to know more? Visit Reconnect Brooklyn.