In 2010 on the streets of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn young men came together to make a change, we shunned the lure of the street life and instead chose to become entrepreneurs.

Growing up opportunity was hard to come by and even harder to sustain, so we made our own. We began by cleaning community gardens and selling fresh produce on street corners. We even delivered Christmas Trees for a couple winters. After two years of hustle we had saved up enough to open Reconnect Cafe and we began serving fresh coffee in the heart of Bed-Stuy. Over the next four years we launched two more social ventures; Reconnect Bakery in 2013 and Reconnect Graphics in 2014.

We set out to create jobs in our community and we did it, but entry level jobs are not enough. To really unlock a community's potential Education is the key. Bed-Stuy never had great schools, underfunded and overcrowded to many youth never reach the heights they can. So we built our own college program. Our acceptance policy is broad, if you're willing to work hard we'll give you chance but our courses require exactly that, hard work.

College isn't cheap and so we found a new scheme to get cream; Reconnect Apparel. Our pieces embody the Reconnect journey, from the streets to the workplace, we focus on crafting individual item rather than full collections and making sure they are the best in their class. Once we've covered our costs all profit we make goes towards our college program; giving youth from Bed-Stuy the education resources so long denied to them.

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